Map of inspiration
Inspired moments
Inspired by the 18 century Painter William Blake I´m dedicated to illustrate a theathening, but also a hopeful and realistic world. Blake painted heaven and hell and meetings with the Gods. His illustrative paintings of Dante Alighieris Divina Commedia are colorful and filled with actions. The dynamics and perspectives of the compositions made him different from his fellow Artists. In my paintings I´m trying to explore the mystical narratives with lights and shadows.    
Latest exhibitions:
2014 Soloshow "Girighetens förtryck". Vernissage 17th May at Gallery Cupido in Old Town of Stockholm until 1st June.
2015-2016 Guest Artist in the art tour Blekinge (Konstrundan i Blekinge). Please visit
2017 This year I partake as ordinary Artist in the art tour Blekinge. Please visit webadress above.
2018 Ordinary Artist in the art tour Blekinge. Please visit the updated webadress above.